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rasssian is actually Rasian, the regional language (Minangkabau) which means Dream.
A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Please welcome, who is behind this rasssian? he is an Indonesian man who tries to write and wants to share everything he loves, all the turbulent things in his head and all the things he probably desires too.

This personal blog actually originated from his love of reading Books. Everything about the book he wants to discuss, whether it’s the theme of the book, the writer, and the books he really wants to have. Also liked poetry, not many and only some according to his thoughts and life.

Since the scope of the book is so narrow and the book he has is not too much, so he shares the other things he really loves, about Movies.

Because so intent to share, while practicing writing style. So be posts in the personal blog is crowded and interesting to be a discussion material.

The owner of this blog occasionally also wrote in Kompasiana. You can click on the Kompasiana article that has been bolded and will be connected with the profile Kompasiana it. tells about everything that has been stacked in his head. Call it like a poem or a short story and there is a little review of the book.

He is also a graduate of Computer graduate at “University Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang”, more specifically the Computer System. then pinned his also a little discussion about what he knows about Computers.

Behind his college major about Computer Systems, actually a very deep interest in Graphic design. Perhaps you can see a bit of his gallery in the digital portfolio here.


Life is…

Learning everything day by day

Improve yourself from time to time

Fearless and fight for the man you wanna be,

but most of all, life is about…

Enjoying every moment and leaving the path of life

So lets have some fun, enjoying the moments and share with others. Cheers.